What is conscious consumption?



Special offers, Black Fridays and clearance sales. These are just a few examples of discounts that turn many consumers into true bargain hunters. It has been psychologically proven that discounts activate the reward center of our brain and encourage us to buy. It is often difficult to store only for what you really need. The topic of sustainability is coming more and more to the fore and many are strongly committed to it. But if you really want to make a difference, you should first question your own consumption.

Why is conscious consumption important?
Resources on earth are finite and being consumed at an ever increasing rate. Products are produced non-stop, as fast as possible, in order to meet demand and make profits. Through price promotions, products reach consumers even faster and cheap products with a shorter life span end up in the trash.
A vicious circle that further underscores the concept of a throwaway society. Large textile chains in particular burn clothing en masse. Approximately 86 percent of 80 million manufactured garments end up in the trash, which can only be completely degraded over a period of years. Global environmental pollution is increasing enormously as a result of factories running continuously, and chemicals and microplastics are entering our water cycle and the world's oceans.

How can we consume consciously?
So what does conscious consumption mean and how can it be used to actively promote sustainability? Conscious consumption means intentionally making purchasing decisions where you believe they will have a positive economic, social and environmental impact. Sustainable shopping may mean buying only certain products or not buying others. Conscious shopping reduces waste, wastefulness and a large proportion of returns in online retailing, as products are only ordered when they are actually needed.
When shopping, it often makes sense to focus on quality and support brands that focus on sustainability. High quality products have a longer lifespan and do not contribute to the throwaway society. Some items are even part of circular programs where retailers offer discounts for recycling older products. Especially with more expensive and valuable products, it is a good idea to think longer about purchasing decisions and be sure about a purchase.

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