Things to keep in mind in an economic crisis



Life hasn't become as expensive as it will be in 2021 since the year 1993. Increased energy costs and inflation are just a few examples of the current situation that make it difficult to manage one's money. So how can you best handle and, if necessary, invest your money in a crisis situation?

Shares and ETFs
On the one hand, experts advise investing the money in tangible assets or investing where there are possible returns. Stocks or ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) are possible options. Stocks can often throw percentage returns that are above the rate of inflation, and stock prices usually move up when there is a lot of money in circulation. If you prefer to invest your money broadly, ETFs, which create an index and spread your money across different companies and industries to keep fluctuations and risks smaller, are a good option.

Real estate and sustainable products
On the other hand, an investment in real estate is to some extent crisis-proof. Classically, one buys an apartment or a house. Of course, this only works if you have enough available capital. With real estate it is immensely important to be completely safe before buying. With small investors or if a real estate purchase can be rather excluded, otherwise real estate funds with relatively broad distribution could offer themselves.
In addition, in times of crisis, one should pay special attention to how one deals with his available budget and for what one uses that. In times of rising energy prices and an uncertain inflation rate, it is recommended to buy, in addition to everyday expenses, primarily those products from which one can expect a sustainable and long-lasting benefit. High-quality and perhaps even timeless items often prove useful here. You should be particularly careful with installment payments and loan payments, as these can often cause you to lose track of your entire finances and put yourself at risk of not being able to meet your payments.

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