What is lifestyle, anyway?



Nowadays, "lifestyle", is a term everyone knows. What exactly is hidden behind it is left to everyone's interpretation. Hardly any product, trend, brand or even a company can currently do without this label. So what actually makes this term so important?

What is lifestyle in general?
Lifestyle comes in all shapes and forms. It is often associated with products, activities or behaviors. Lifestyle products often don't have to serve a specific, functional purpose, but are often used to emphasize one's own lifestyle and to share it with other people. Many interpret lifestyle as a specific direction in which life drives them.
While for some, travel or an individual style of dress defines lifestyle, others are driven by athletic ambition or other passions. The term encompasses a lot more than it seems to the naked eye beforehand. It is especially important, if not essential, for many companies to create an image in public with which many people can identify and which they can associate with their individual lifestyle.

What is lifestyle for us?
We as SaveStrike see a great benefit of our platform in enabling and supporting individual lifestyle. We want to create anticipation, fun, and primarily positive energy with our services. After a savings process, all users should be excited to have taken this path to buy what they want. Our goal is to provide a basis for everyone to get their personal lifestyle products and at the same time associate positive elements with this decision.
SaveStrike allows people to express themselves individually and achieve their goals. After a successful experience, all users should be happy and motivated to tell their friends about the experience. As SaveStrike, we want to get people excited about their lifestyle products and savings goals, and encourage them to live their products and give them lifestyle meaning.

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