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The best shopping solution for your consumption-conscious customers

SaveStrike offers your customers a more conscious way to pay.
 Give your customers the opportunity to convince themselves of your products and build a connection with SaveStrike.

A relationship between customer, product and company takes time.
With SaveStrike, you get access to people of the conscious lifestyle who prefer to spend more time with your products before buying.
This makes the buying process sustainable and your customers will love you for it.

By partnering with SaveStrike, you get access to the most customer-friendly way to sustainably increase your sales.

What benefits do you gain with SaveStrike?

Do not give away sales and revenues to closed browser windows

It often happens that people want to buy your products, but prefer to wait an think about it again. What happens? The person forgets your company name and/or product title and the bond between you and a potential customer is lost. With SaveStrike, interested people can easily and quickly add your products to the app and never forget you again.

Get access to consumer-conscious customers

Conscious consumers often stay away from the fast and impulsive world of online shopping.
 With SaveStrike, people with a conscious attitude towards consumption get a trustworthy and safe way to participate in online shopping.

Strengthen your customer relationship

With SaveStrike you can increase the relationship between company, products and customers. Customers who purchase your items with SaveStrike are conscious consumers and therefore your best customers.
 Because these people identify with your brand and products the most!

Expand the size of your customer groups

With SaveStrike, the focus is on the quality and long-term enjoyment of a product. These items usually come with a price which is not everyone can afford from their everyday budget. Your customers can easily and safely save on your products with SaveStrike. So really EVERYONE gets the opportunity to buy your products.

 Selling sustainable
with SaveStrike

Become a partner and enjoy first-mover benefits!

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