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Empowering people to save easily

With SaveStrike, we enable our users to make the right purchasing decisions in order to be satisfied in the long run. With the app, we created a place where our users can plan and realize their purchases without being externally influenced. This prevents consumer debt and motivates users to better allocate their personal budget with the help of savings goals.

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Calmness is the foundation for a thought-out purchase decision. With SaveStrike we offer a neutral place to give all users the opportunity to make the right decisions free from influence.


Quality over quantity. In times of fast fashion, it is difficult to know which products will bring long-lasting joy. With SaveStrike we offer users a platform to find their individual essentials.

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Without an overview, we lose the appreciation for products we own and buy. Our goal is to provide customers with the perfect overview to enable great purchasing decisions.


Enjoyment that lasts is the goal of every purchase decision. Trends should not influence what we buy. The only thing that matters is the individual lifestyle and what fulfills you.

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Perfection Driven

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At SaveStrike, financial security is top priority. From the safety of your money to making thoughtful purchasing decisions within your budget.

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We are working motivated on the best solution to find, expand and overview your own lifestyle. Don't be the trend. Be yourself.

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Sustainability starts when purchasing decisions are thought through. Long-term enjoyment of products is one of the most influential solutions to take sustainable action.

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